Corporate Wellness

Living Paycheck to Purpose Financial Empowerment Program

Helping your employees use their paycheck as a tool to achieve financial wellness and freedom.

What We Do

The Living Paycheck to Purpose Program is designed to take up to 15 employees through the financial coaching process. Employees will be able to create their own personal vision of financial success and participate in discussion and activities pertaining to goal setting, budgeting, savings, debt reduction, investing and building wealth. I want to help your employees feel confident in their finances.

How It Works

I deliver the workshop live or virtually. This can be done after regular working hours, or even on Saturdays!

The program can be broken up into four 1-hour sessions or two 2-hour sessions.

Up to 15 employees can be in each group

A workbook is included for all participants as well as access to an online course

Coaching support from me

What To Expect During the Sessions

This is not a lecture or PowerPoint presentation model. We focus on individual and group discussions, as well as activities to help employees think through their thoughts and behaviors when it comes to their money management.

How It Works

Envisioning what does financial freedom and wellness mean to you

Understanding your Money Scripts and learning how to rewrite them

Creating your own personal cash-flow analysis

Six steps to financial freedom, to include building your emergency fund and paying yourself first

And much, much more!

One-on-One Coaching

For employees who would like to receive personalized attention to maximize their ability to achieve their goals and financial wellness, I offer one-on-one coaching as an enhancement to employee wellness program.

Connect with me to learn more about this powerful wellness benefit.